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Heh. Today was fun. I got together with Nick, and we had lunch at India Garden, then went to the new B&N, then hung out at my house for a while. Then we had dinner at El Campesino and returned to B&N, where Gen was getting off work, and then Julian was there too, so we talked for a while. Gen came up with the ingenious concept of the Oxford-English-Dictionary-on-a-stick as a weapon, and then Julian said, "Not enough people are beaten to death with the English language." Hee. Fun times. Must hang out with some of my local Alpha/Confluence/related friends while I'm still in the area. I'm in Murrysville for probably another 10 days. I could technically stay until the 18th, but I want to have some time at the writers' house before classes start so I can get books, talk to Nesset about the comp, buy groceries, see if my internet will work there now, help with any housemates moving, etc. Whoah, I just created an agenda for myself.

I got the Naruto game for GBA, only it's all in Japanese, so I'll need to hunt for translations so I know what I'm doing. Moving, jumping, and kicking are no problem, but I'm sure there's more to the game than that. Heh. It reminds me of the time Nick, Derek, and I were trying to figure out the Naruto fighting game on our own and finally had to ask Thom for help. And then Nick totally kicked ass even though he'd never played before and put my dear Chouji to shame. *sigh* Oh well.

I haven't read anyone's LJ entries since before I left for Hawaii, so I'm out of the loop. Either nothing interesting has happened or many exciting things have, like more people getting engaged or someone getting a new kitten or something. And a book I saw at B&N makes me want to knit teddy bears (or other animals). But I have a bajillion other projects I'm working on or plan to work on, so that will have to wait. Oh yeah, and I got the Bananaphone CD for my car. Raffi on CD seems weird. I always had the tapes. But they broke or got lost somewhere. *sigh* And while I was in the SF/F/manga/RPG section, some middle aged couple walked by, and the man announced loudly, "Role-Playing Games? Vampire? Ha! You'd have to be an idiot to play those kinds of games!" Of course, I cracked up at that one. Weeee, I guess half my friends are idiots then. Silly man. Isn't in touch with his inner geek.

Ok! I'm out.

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