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I still have this good mood hangover (yes, I just made that term up) from yesterday. It's from both spending time with Nick and talking to Gen and Julian. Fun times. And now I'm going through friend entries. But I'm going through individual journals starting at the end of the alphabet and moving up. Right now I'm finishing up with the S people (reading Arien's, to be precise).

I had some dreams last night. In one, I was in a high school or something, and there was this blond girl named Valerie with the creepiest eyes. They were red and kind of like the Hypnotoad's (if you haven't seen that episode of Futurama, her eyes just did this weird thing where they constantly changed shape and kind of buzzed and stuff). She was really freaking me out, especially when I was wandering down a dark hallway and saw her standing there. Well, I only saw the top half of her face since it was dark. Just the top of her hair and those creepy eyes. It was terrifying for some reason. So I started running from her, and I ended up in this classroom with a teacher who could have been my 10th grade math teacher (what?!). We were trying to keep Valerie out for some reason. I don't know what was so horrible about the eye thing, and now that I'm awake, it's funny. When I thought she was gone, I went into the hallway and she was there and grabbed my arm. I totally freaked out and started lashing out, trying to get her away from me.

In another part of the dream, I was either with Alphans or other people from my college, and we were going to see this really famous rock band in New York or something. We were flying on this platform thing above the ocean, and I was standing on the edge, holding onto the chain rail thingy there. We were going fast, sometimes lower, sometimes rising. Then we approached the city, and it was very sci-fi-ish. There was a giant ring station thingy over the place where the concert was, and it was apparently visible from space. We were going to go down through the ring and land there. So we did, and the moment the platform landed, I just walked off it. I was somehow with my dad and sister, and as we walked though what was apparently the airport, I saw a girl I graduated with who also goes to my college (I've never really talked to her, though). I asked my dad how we were supposed to vote if we were in another state. Then some lady we were with had brought flowers, and my dad said she was just trying to get us to vote for Kerry and we shouldn't listen to her. Um... no idea what that was all about.

There were also dream-bits about something in Hawaii and then seeing a friend I haven't seen in years with her new family. But they weren't as interesting.

And now, for something completely different. I saw this in Zan's journal, so I must do it too. For I am a creepy closet living in her stalker who fish like smells. Hee. I amuse myself sometimes.

The Rules:
Step 1: Get your playlist together, put it on random, and play.
Step 2: Pick your favorite lines from the first 20-25 songs that play. (With lyrics...instrumental-only songs can be skipped.)
Step 3: Post and let everyone you know guess what song the lines come from.
Step 4: Cross out the songs when someone guesses correctly.

1. Come stand a little bit closer / Breathe in and get a bit higher / You'll never know what hit you when I get to you
2. Or you could be more subtle / No, I didn't mean to be vague / Give her the mad cow disease / Let him die of the plague
3. Nothing's true and nothing's right / So let me be alone tonight / Cause you can't change the way I am
4. And remember when I moved in you / The Holy Dark was moving too / And every breath we drew was hallelujah
5. Everybody dance now!
6. Wanna fly to a place where it's just you and me / Nobody else, so we can be free
7. Go ahead and hate your neighbor / Go ahead and cheat your friend / Do it in the name of heaven / You can justify it in the end
8. Why do we always come here? / I guess we'll never know / It's like a kind of torture / To have to watch the show
9. Well, son let me tell you I'm so pleased to meet you / The boys and I've been expected to greet you / As guest of honor in the house of the dead / Just relax, lay yourself down, say goodbye to your head
10. Too legit! Too legit to quit!
11. And I would be the one / To hold you down / Kiss you so hard / I'll take your breath away / And after I wipe away the tears / Just close your eyes, dear
12. And I feel it like a sickness / How this love is killing me / I�d walk into the fingers of your fire willingly
13. Well, I guess it ain't easy doing nothing at all...
14. Let the pagans spill theirs on mountain, hill, and plain / God shall strike them down for each sperm that's spilt in vain
15. And all that glitters is gold / Only shooting stars break the mold
16. The medieval exorcists used a 20-gallon brass syringe. / A 20-gallon brass
syringe, filled with holy water. (Now! Now!) / A 20-gallon brass syringe, filled with holy
water (Oh!) / which they pumped into / into the anus of the possessed.
17. And if you feel like a song / Tune into us and sing right along
18. Make up your mind / Need some help / Find this mind, mind, mind
19. Standing in the sunlight laughing / Hiding behind a rainbow's wall / Slipping and sliding / All along the water fall, with you
20. It's swell to have a stiffy, it's divine to own a dick / From the tiniest little tiger to the world's biggest prick
21. I want to lay you down in a bed of roses / For tonight I sleep on a bed of nails / Oh, I want to be just as close as the Holy Ghost is / And lay you down on a bed of roses
22. Well I love the little girl, and I'll love her till the day she dies
23. Nothing fills the blackness / That has seeped into my chest / I need you in my blood / I am forsaking all the rest
24. Heros in a half-shell! Turtle power!
25. I used to be a little boy / So old in my shoes / And what I choose is my choice / What's a boy supposed to do?

Holy crap, I have one eclectic music collection... I can't believe I have some of these mp3s... *laughs* I'll post the answers in a couple days.

I ate at restaurants twice yesterday, and tonight my sis wants to eat out since my parents are having dinner next door and she doesn't want to stay here. Weeee.

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