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Heh. I just got my car's oil changed, therefore I've been productive today and can spend several hours slacking off. This is my vacation mentality. I should enjoy it while it lasts.

And I got to thinking again. My 15-year-old sister told me the other day that all her friends think I'm so old because I'm 21, and therefore I must be really cool and drive my sister everywhere. That one had me laughing. I've been working on being more assertive and practicing on my sister (the easiest person to say NO to, and I get many opportunities since she's constantly asking for stuff). I think she's getting the picture that if she wants a ride somewhere, there should be something in it for me too. Like the time she wanted me to take her and her friends to see the Series of Unfortunate Events movie and asked if I wanted to go too. That worked. But really, I'm not that old. I might be a legal adult, but I still pretty much have a 14-year-old mentality. And I'm on the bottom of the adult heap. Older people still consider me barely more than a kid, and I'll be a "young whippersnapper" until I'm 30. Maybe then I'll get some respect from the older people. Of course, I'm just generalizing the older people here... there are many older folks who have been perfectly nice and don't talk down to me or get all "when I was your age" on me. Many of them tell me I have a lot of potential. I guess I do... the only thing that ever really makes me doubt that is certain professors of mine. They don't mean to sound so condescending, but they can really be discouraging. I don't really consider them writing mentors like I consider others. Over the summer, the leader of the writing workshop I was in (Linda Oatman High, author of several children's and young adult books) really encouraged me, and when some journalist came to sit in on the class , she told him, "This is Ade, the youngest in the class, but she's going to get published!" That's the kind of stuff that sticks in my mind and keeps me from getting too down on myself. Besides, I know I'm a good writer, and my professors just want me to write the kind of stuff I don't really even like to read. I mean, literary fiction is respectable and all, I just don't find a lot of it particularly interesting. And I like young characters more than adults anyway. Young characters just seem to feel things more deeply, and they pick up on a lot more things than adults do.

So, yeah. Screw my professors (not literally). 10 years from now, I'll be on the bestsellers list, and they'll still be college professors, barely known in the writing community. No offense to college professors. Many of them are wonderful.

Weeeee I think it's time to watch some more anime...

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