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Last night was fun. I went with my neighbors to Toys'R'Us (Bonnie was buying Elli a Tamagotchi for her birthday, which brought back memories...), and they were having a buy one, get one free sale on My Little Pony, which of course I took advantage of. At the front, where they have all the candy that comes in toy packaging, they had these My Little Pony lollipop thingies. It looks like a severed pony head on a stick, and then the pony head splits down the middle to reveal the lollipop. It was cute and kind of morbid at the same time, so I had to get one. Then we went to Chuck E Cheese and had pizza and played games and stuff. On the way back, Elli was continually huffing the helium out of her balloon and talking and using her new whoopie cushion, which had me laughing the whole time. Ah, fun times.

And today I'm getting together with friends! Yay!

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