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Last night was quite fun. I went to Jen and Anne's apartment and ended up staying until around 3 am. A bunch of people were there, including Nick (he showed up after visiting with his friend Ginger). There was much conversation and good times and such. I was wearing this ring I got at Chuck E Cheese with a plastic grasshopper, and I said I was engaged to the grasshopper. This led to much silliness, as Nick was acting jealous and really wanted my husband for himself. Hee. And I got a book from Anne, which I must read. And Anne's alter-ego is now a cute pudgy little mischievous urchiny boy named Germy Jeremy who wears a cap, breeches, and suspenders. *giggles*

Well, I'm going to meet Nick at Sushi Three in an hour (he says they have good vegetarian sushi). Mmm, food.

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