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Back at school! Things are decent, the weather is snowy (it didn't snow in Murrysville while I was there, then it finally decided to snow the day I drove back up), and the writers' house is interesting, as usual. Thom and Deltron moved out, and Rose moved in (now she officially lives here in a bedroom, instead of just sleeping with John in the living room). So I'm not the only biologically female housemate any more. But Rose is cool, she does more chores than most people in the house, and she's interesting to talk to. And when Deltron moved out, he left a bunch of clothes that were too small for him in the closet, so I rummaged through them and grabbed a bunch. His pants fit me perfectly, aside from being too long. Yes, I got in Deltron's pants. And they fit. Hey, if I wear boy clothes, does that make me a part-time transvestite? Or maybe just a Samvestite? By the bye, Deltron of the fabulous clothing, I found the black and white suit. You can stop by and get it sometime, I put it in the big suitcase in the closet.

I had an amusing dream the other night. I was with Leen and some other Alpha people (it was kind of vague) at this production of A Midsummer Night's Dream. The whole cast was black, and all the black people in the audience were sitting on the left side, while all the whites sat on the right. Apparently there was going to be a white-cast play afterwards too. The play was going along nicely until one of the actors screwed up a line (I forget what he or she said). Then Leen stood up and yelled "That's wrong! You messed up Shakespeare!" She pulled out a big book of Shakespearean plays and pointed out the botched line. The black audience was furious and said it was racism (uh, how?), while I was laughing and yelling stuff like, "Go Leen! Way to be the Shakespeare expert!" Then she got up on stage and read the line right, and I went up there and said somethingorother too. I have no idea what the racial element was about. Then we went to another table with some more Alpha people, and I think Diane was there. Emily L. rolled up to us in this weird-looking chair, like one of those vintage ones that kind of looks like a bowl turned on its side. It was cream-colored and pretty ugly, but we ended up talking to Emily for a while. Then I went towards these booths and saw Jenn, and she said we were staying in the same room with a couple other people who were there (I guess it was for Confluence). Then I woke up and was really amused that Leen was asserting her Shakespearean expertise. Heh.

I had one class today, clinical psychology. It should be interesting, and Good Tom is in that class. I really liked abnormal, and this is kind of a continuation of this but more about therapy methods. Tomorrow I have the advanced fiction writing workshop (with Ben!) and then Forms of Drama (taught by the one and only Professor Bulman, who is even more of a Shakespeare buff than Leen was in my dream). I still need to talk to Nesset about my comp, get the overhead light in my room fixed, and get my internet set up. I turned in the registration form for that, and either they haven't turned it on yet or I need to change some more settings (I think it should be fine, though). It's really fun to sit around the living room with housemates and just look through Playboy. It's really a good magazine, and I'm not just talking about the gratuitous boobies. We bond through softcore porn. And interesting articles.

Ok! Back to the house!

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