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I'm glad our housing coordinator just emailed us and told us to talk to her about work orders and house activities. It was the perfect opportunity to put in a work order for my room light (and the upstairs hallway light, since somebody said it wasn't working) and ask about getting reimbursement for the stuff I bought for the holiday party we had. So far, classes are interesting, and I've apparently been unknowingly hacking into Ben's brain and stealing his thoughts (yesterday I picked the number he was going to guess, which meant that I ended up first for story presentations, and then later something similar happened at lunch). And Nick needs to start going to bed earlier so he doesn't end up sleeping half the day. And there's this girl in my Forms of Drama class who looks kind of like an older version of Zan, only kind of emaciated and delicate-looking.

And now, for some more interesting house quotes...

Rose: Nick, there's a woman on the phone for you. Ade, Nick is cheating on you!
Nick: It's probably my mom...
Ade: That's really low!

Ade: Your breath smells like peanuts. I bet there's a reason for that.
Nick: I've been drinking out of the toilet.

Well, I must be off. Ta ta, dearies!

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