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Ooh, an update! So the puppies are gone to New Jersey, and now this house only has 2 illegal animals instead of 7. I swear, the writers' house probably has the record for the most animal violations at Allegheny, but we've really only been caught once, because Kitt randomly dropped by when Dude was on the stairs.

This morning I had a presentation for my writing workshop (weeee, I had to go first), and we have to do a written part too. Here's how my morning went:

*Ade works on presentation stuff, then starts the written part*
Ade: Hmmm... I should actually hook up my printer. That would be nice. *hooks it up* Oops! I accidentally shut off the power on the surge protector!
Damnyou (my computer): La la laaaa I don't want to turn on right now...
Ade: Grrr. *goes to computer lab and works for a while*
*5 minutes before class*
Lab computers: We hate you! We're going to tell you your disk isn't formatted, even though it's perfectly fine! No printing for you! Muhahahahaaaa!
Ade: I stab you all!
*goes to class*
Ade: Um, can I email you the written part?
Kerry Bakken: Ok...
Ade: So I accidentally made my internet go away, and now the button won't print, and I'm late for class! (gratuitous Geekbot reference, I didn't actually say that even though I was thinking it)
Kerry Bakken: That part is due the next class period. It says so on the sheet.
Ade: ...

Yay, I'm a fuckwit who doesn't read things thoroughly. At least the presentation seemed to go all right. And I made yummy stir fry for dinner. Life is decent.

I had an awesome dream a few nights ago. You must read. It was like Harry Potter meets Naruto meets Holocaust. In the first part I remember, I was with the Weasleys and my family by the side of a road on a mountain. The Weasleys and I were giving my family a bunch of things. We gave them a bunch of young trees, and one was very significant. I forget what it was called, Mastersomethingorother, but it was kind of piney-looking and about a foot and a half tall (so a very young tree). Apparently this was a rare tree that couldn't grow with other plants because it would kill them, yet we found it in the middle of the woods. Voldemort's army made a lot of their weapons from the wood of this tree, and half of the people they killed were with these weapons. Then I gave my dad a letter, and he took one look at it and yelled at me, asking if this was what I was doing in college, writing letters. It's funny because my family complains that I don't call or email enough, and they have to hassle me to write letters to people. The letter turned out to be for me (I don't know who it was from or what it said), and I snatched it from my dad and told him to continue yelling at me in the car, because we had to get out of there. These big trucks were driving up the mountain, and I knew we'd be in deep trouble if the Death Eaters saw us. Then Mr. Weasley and I were on a mountain (maybe the same one, but the scenery had changed), looking at a bunch of guards dressed in orange on this big flat area above a cliff. Mr. Weasley said he had a plan. Apparently he was going to do that thing Orochimaru did where he brought the first two Hokages back but at the cost of two lives. Mr. Weasley was going to bring back as many of the victims back as he could, and I guess we were going to kill guards and Death Eaters for that purpose. I was supposed to use the ninja transformation technique and transform into one of the guards (they had orange uniforms and wore things that looked kind of like gas masks). Then I'd go around telling the others that they could take the rest of the term off. I transformed and walked towards the guards, but when I went to tell them they could leave, it seemed like hundreds of others had beat me to it. I saw other transformed ninjas talking to the guards, and then gradually I saw that there were tons of young people in normal clothes all telling the guards to leave. The guards were more than happy to, and everyone was celebrating. I saw Naruto and a bunch of people I didn't recognize sitting down, so I joined them. The hilarious part was that Naruto was wearing a muumuu made out of the same fabric as the purple flowery Hawaiian tote bag I got. Then they all got up and left, and we walked to the edge of the river. There were hundreds of people on the other side, most on balconies of a building. I guess they were the Nazi Death Eaters and the Jewish victims (who all seemed to be middle-aged or old). Harry Potter/Naruto (I think at that point they sort of merged) conjured the Dark Mark, and many of the Jews screamed and jumped off the edge of wherever they were standing into the river. Apparently the Dark Mark was either to stun the Nazi Death Eaters or get the Jews to duck so we could attack their captors. I worried about the suicidal ones, but then their heads rose out of the water and I think they knew we'd save them. Then Harry/Naruto yelled to all of us that we were going to save the Jews, and we were going to swim across the river. So we all did, and when I got to the other side, I ran after Harry and Ron, into the building through what was apparently a corridor to the other side. I was thinking about how cool it was that I was reading a chapter from the next Harry Potter book before it was published. When we got there, it looked like we were in a tropical place by the pool. There was a TV overhead, and Harry, Ron, and Hermione were watching it sadly. The newscaster said that the Jews were safe, but one old man had drowned while trying to help save the others. I thought, "Oh no, I wonder which character JK Rowling is killing now." It was a name I didn't recognize, but I think they called him Old El Paso at one point (what the hell?). It was a very sweet-looking Native American man, and they were talking about what a nice person he was and how sad his death was. At the very end of the dream, he smiled, and the dream ended strategically right before my alarm went off. I woke up thinking what a cool dream that was and what an interesting story it would make (though I don't do fanfic). Wizards, ninjas, and screaming Jews make interesting dreams.

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