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Nick seems to be allergic to my rats. Every time he comes into my room he has trouble breathing, and if he's in there long enough, his eyes get watery. Even when the cage is clean and not in the middle of the room. He said he doesn't have problems with dogs or cats, but the rats seem to aggravate his asthma and stuff. Hmmm. He's kind of scared of my rats anyway. I wish there was something I could do. But I'm keeping my boys in my room, I need to have animals around. They make me happy, and I seem to get along with animals much better than people. And Dante and Dr. Faustus make me feel better. It's so neat how they get all excited when they see me digging my hand into the bag of rat food. It's just plain adorable when their two little noses are poking out of the hammock when they're both snuggled inside (I made it out of the leg of some cheap kid sweatpants, so it's all fluffy and soft inside). I like how Dante will crawl onto my shoulder and hide in my hair, even though it tickles my neck and I can't stand things touching my neck. Huh. Now I'm feeling bad all of a sudden. Because one of Jess's rats (Jagger) died the other day, and she was pretty distraught (I really don't blame her...). And this was after the puppies went away too. So when I see my babies, I just want to hold them close and treasure them in the relatively short time they're here with me (rats only live 2 years). And I miss my cats. Everyone else in the house misses Dude. I mean, I'm glad he's happy at home with my other cats and getting to go outside all the time, and if he hadn't gone home, I never would have bought the rats. But I still miss the feeling of him snuggling in my lap or yowling around in the hallway (Heeeeey! It's four AM!) or smiling in the feline way and jumping up a little to meet my hand when I reach down to pet his head. Animals are awesome.

I took a nice long nap this afternoon, because I was feeling drowsy and sick. My sister sent me a bajillion IMs because I forgot to put an away message up. Apparently my new nickname is Buttfucker. No idea where that came from, but oh well. I have this habit of making tea for myself and then getting occupied with something else and letting the bag steep for like 15 minutes before I remember I have tea. So I've gotten used to taking my tea strong. Echinacea tea is pretty good, and it helps with the cold. I hate it when the underside of my nose gets all sore and raw from the constant tissuing. Yes, I just used a noun as a verb.

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