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After putting it off for way too long, I finally went and talked to Nesset about my comp. And he thought my proposal was a good idea and something that would really help me, given that I'm a stubborn young adult writer. Phew! I'm going to write about the coming of age process in a couple novels (Middlesex, She's Come Undone, and possibly Echo), and he said it was ok to even touch on genre as long as it was about driving the plot and stuff. Ha! So now my worries are eased, and I know what I'm doing. Now all I have to do is set some deadlines for myself, reread the books, and get cracking. I also need to either buy another copy of "She's Come Undone" (I have it at home, but my mom and I couldn't find it) or keep checking it out of the library. I shall hopefully graduate on time! Oh yeah, and my current music has become sort of a writing anthem for me. *grins*

Today I was at lunch with Nick, and my sister's friend Alexis's parents saw me and we talked for a few minutes. Alexis's older brother got accepted to Allegheny, so they were visiting to see if he wants to go here. Somehow, I always end up randomly running into people I know when I least expect it.

Despite my cold, it's been a relatively good day.

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