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I had a dream last night that we were having Tuesday group, and Kerry Bakken came. I know Ben, Nick, and Jess were also there, maybe others were too. I told Ben we should play Scrabble first and then use the words in the writing exercise, but he just looked at me funny and told me no, he'd get too distracted. I guess we were working with certain sentences, and the one I got was "Why don't you love me?" So I wrote this really melodramatic, angsty piece that was basically some girl bitching at her ex-boyfriend for leaving her for other women (he also apparently hit on an older married woman) and then forgiving him. This was fully illustrated too, I drew lots of pictures, like of the girl and guy when they were having fun together, the older married woman in the shower, the asshole ex, etc. The writing kind of sucked, but the pictures were great. Jess wanted to read it aloud and then Nick did, so I gave it to Jess, and Kerry and Nick leaned over to look at it, and I think we were going to hang it on a wall somewhere.

Google image search the following:
1. What you get when you type your first car:

(2002 green Toyota Echo)

2. The place you grew up:

(East Lyme, Connecticut)

3. Where you live now:

(Meadville, Pennsylvania)

4. Your name:

They're not me!

5. Your Grandmother's name:

My grandma is a llama?


And apparently the other is Barbara Streisand...

6. Your favorite food:

(strawberry ice cream)

7. Your favorite drink:

(apple juice)
Hey, I just finished up a bottle of this today!

8. Your favorite song:

(The Origin of Love)

9. Your favorite smell:


10. Your favorite pair of shoes ever:

(Powerpuff Girls sneakers)
Just like that, only they have rainbow laces!

I go bye bye now.

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