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I had dinner at the AGP house tonight. Josh and Ted (the "big gay chef of Norman Street") made gazpacho soup and stir-fry. We also had bread and sherbet, and everything was yummy. Especially since I rarely have non-cafeteria food any more. Good food, good conversation, good times.

HAPPY MABON!!!!!!! Yay for holidays! I went outside and gathered a bunch of dead leaves and acorns and chestnuts and things to decorate my room. I also had a quiet little ritual in my room. I'm so happy, it's FALL!!!!!!

Yesterday, my dear, slightly overprotective friend CJ emailed me to say that my Straight Dope thread caused some hullabaloo with a fundie, and she started a new thread scolding the offending person. Also, apparently she told a bunch of people at the church (she goes to the same Episcopalian church my parents do, that's how I know her... now THAT'S a long and amusing story...) including my father, and now they're all wondering the same thing: what WAS puberty like for Jesus? I knew posting the topic would spark some debates, but I didn't think it would go to this level. Ah well. Also, CJ has basically taken on the role of my "spiritual advisor," even though she's Christian and I'm Wiccan. Of course, as I type that, she's off at "Woo-woo night" at the Keith's, participating in a Wiccan Mabon ritual and some hot-tubbing. She refers to herself as an "Episcopagan" because she's Christian, yet acknowledges the Power and makes use of it. Her best friends are Wiccan, and she introduced me to them, fully knowing she was just encouraging me to develop my Pagan beliefs. This is when St. Albans is telling its congregation to recruit more members and double the size of the church in 20 years or whatever they're doing. Of course, Fr. Manasterski is resigning because apparently people don't agree with him and are offended by his sermons. He's a really nice guy, he has a great family, and I respect him, but he also offended me on several occasions. I remember a specific sermon a couple years ago that basically went against everything I stand for, and I walked out in tears. Fortunately, CJ was there for support. He's also really gung-ho-convert-everyone-to-Episcopalianism, and he's extremely conservative. I heard he refused to christen a baby born out of wedlock (or some similar story - I forget). Anyway, the congregation was getting really fed up with him, so he's going to find work elsewhere. Poor guy. Even though we have two completely different perspectives, he was always nice to me, and I'll miss him. I'll miss his wife and kids too, especially Michael and Christine, because they're great kids, I babysat for them a couple times, and they're a lot of fun. Oh well. St. Albans is having some rough times, but they can handle it.

Argh... I need to finish reading "The Tempest," type my song lyric analysis (gender in "Angry Inch" by Hedwig and the Angry Inch and "Me and a Gun" by Tori Amos), and go to bed. Yay for chips and cheese dip for "communion bread." Apple juice makes good "wine," but I had no other starchy stuff (except ramen noodles, and THAT can't be communion bread...). Ah well. College makes Ritual interesting.

Night all!

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