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Well, yesterday was quite adventurous. It was Derek's 21st birthday, so Nick and I took him to Los Compadres. Derek and I got margaritas, and the waiter didn't even card us (but then, it may also be because we go there all the time and enough of our friends have bought alcoholic drinks that he assumed we're all 21). Guess who else was there. Kirk Nesset. With a woman who looked our age, maybe a few years older. Surprise, surprise. They had a whole pitcher of margaritas between them. Gossip, gossip, gossip.

Later on, Rose, Ben, and I baked the penis cake. It was lemon poppyseed and would have been good if we had poured half the batter in the pan and saved the rest. Instead, we dumped it all in and wondered how the cake would rise (insert jokes about rising penises here). A little while later, Derek told me to check on the cake because it was definitely rising. I went downstairs, immediately smelled burning, and opened the oven. The batter had really overflowed and was dripping all over the place and making a huge mess. When Rose saw it, she immediately got Ben and said, "We need a penis in here!" because women are apparently incapable of dealing with a cake crisis. So we cleaned the oven and put a cookie sheet under the pan to catch the drippings and tried baking it again. Then there was smoke coming from the oven (from the remnants of cake batter stuck to the burner), so we opened the door and put a big fan in there. Finally the cake was "done" (and by that, I mean almost completely cooked but not quite) so we took it out. It wouldn't come out of the pan, so we just decorated it in there with pink frosting, strategically-placed sprinkles and whipped cream, and pink candles. The cake would have been good if it was completely done, but oh well. That will teach us to not heap in the batter. I'm glad the fire alarm didn't go off, though. I can just picture the security guy coming over, taking one look at me, and saying, "Oh, it's you again." Heh. I also gave Derek this little pink balloon that says "It's a girl!"

Never a dull moment in this house...

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