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You know your house is falling apart when they replace the toilet seat and you get all excited. I don't think they fixed the lights yet, and I haven't checked the fallen gutter, but it's a start. Um, hooray for new toilet seats. *giggles* Oh, I'm a dork.

Yesterday there was a vegetarian potluck at the Eco house. I made some broccoli, rice, and cheese casserole (easy and delicious!), and there were lots of other yummy foods too.

I'm working on my story that's due tomorrow. It's basically about this lady that runs a farm that's a therapy program for troubled teenagers, and one day this runaway shows up on her doorstep and things change and stuff. I was putzing around on the internet and randomly came across an ad for Kolob Canyon, a residential treatment center for teen girls. It's similar to the farm I'm writing about, so I poked around that site to see what they do for therapy and activities and stuff. It looks like a really neat place. My farm is in Vermont and takes both sexes, and the main character is kind of the head therapist person.

Back to getting my write on...

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