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Nobody answered the question for meeeee, so I'll ask it again: If you woke up and I was in bed with you, what would be your first thought?

We did some power grocery shopping today! And Nick made delicious pizza. And I did laundry. And I played Heartthrob (this silly 80s teen girl game where you have to guess which absolutely flaming boy your friend likes) with Rose, Jess, Nick, Ben, and Derek. After a couple rounds, the girls just made the boys play so we could have fun with the homoerotic jokes (and because we're all fag hags). While those 3 are straight (or at least claim to be), it was fun guessing which guy they thought was the hottest and then finding out the personality traits of their new boyfriends. Some of them were incredibly flaming. It was great. And my new boyfriend is Jim, this guy who carries his bike, dresses like Richard Simmons in spandex, and wears a visor on top of his head that looks like a tiara at first glance. There's something just so wonderful about boys doing rock-paper-scissors to get the boy they both want. If only relationship squabbles could be settled that way.
Guy 1: He's mine!
Guy 2: No, he's mine!
Both: Rock paper scissors shoot!
Guy 1: Yes!
Guy 2: *sigh* Guess I won't score until the next round...

Today I was walking to class, and my hair was still kinda wet from the shower. I got to class, ran my fingers through my hair, and thought, 'Wait a minute, why is it stiff? ...Oh. It's frozen.' Then I found half a bottle of grapefruit juice in my backpack and thought, 'Great, I'm thirsty!' I opened it and it made a really loud hiss and startled Drea, who was sitting next to me (this was before class started). It had gone bad. Oh well.

1) Name the Last Four Things You Have Bought: We bought a lot of groceries at Bilo... let's see, four of them... yogurt raisins, feta cheese, pizza crust, and broccoli
2)Name Four Drinks You Regularly Drink: apple juice, iced tea, SoBe, and grapefruit juice
4)What's In Your CD Player? Noir soundtrack
5)What's Under Your Bed? a bunch of papers and random stuff
6)What Time Did You Wake Up Today? 9 am
7)Current Hair? same as usual, loose and maybe a little messy
8)Current Clothes? one of Sam's sweaters, a "talk nerdy to me" t-shirt, new jeans (they're capris and the perfect length for me), black socks, and underclothes
9)Current Desktop Picture? Hyuga Hinata
11)Current Hate? my mad procrastination skillz
12)Favorite Place To Be? my room
13)Least Favorite Place to be? in a ditch somewhere
14)If You Could Play An Instrument? dulcimer
15)Favorite Colors? rainbow
16)How Tall Are You? 4'9"
17)Favorite expression? I have too many that I quote constantly
18)One Person From Your Past You Wish You Could Go Back And Talk To? TJ, we should reconnect
19)Favorite Day(s)? May 18
20)Where Would You Like To Go? Greece, India, and Sweden
21)Where do you want to live when you get married? I don't think I want to get married, but a house somewhere almost remote would be nice
22)Favorite food? strawberry ice cream
23)Color of most clothes you own? mostly black, gray, and blue
24)Number of pillows you sleep with? 2
25)What do you wear when you go to sleep? pajamas
26)what were you doing 12AM last night? um... probably putting on my pjs or something
27)How old will you be in 10 yrs? 31
28)What do you think you'll be doing in 10 years? building my cat collection
31)Burn or tan? I tend to avoid the sun, but I burn
37)Last thing you ate? some pizza Nick made
38)If you could be a pirate, would you? DAMN STRAIGHT!



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