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for psychology, we have to analyze gender in song lyrics. well, for mine i chose "me and a gun" by tori amos and "angry inch" by hedwig and the angry inch. today a few people presented their lyrics in class, and at the end, prof. bailey asked if i wanted to go wednesday. i said sure, and he said "ok, i photocopied your lyrics." then he said "angry inch" in an interesting tone, and i heard a few snickers among the class, so perhaps i'm not the only hedwig fan there. i can't wait to present... go up in front of the class and say "this song is about a botched sex change operation. all that's left of hedwig's penis is a 'one-inch mound of flesh.'" yes, ade the tiny little quiet girl shocks the class once again. HA! that class rocks!

i got my rocky horror bendy figurine things in the mail today! columbia, riff raff, and frank! yeehaw! now i can display them in my room alongside my velma figure. hooyeah! hehe i have such an obsession with transvestite rock musicals... i love them...

bleh, stupid beef stew making my tummy feel weird... oh well. i hear brooks is serving PIEROGIES tonight, yay! la de da, perhaps i should do a bit of homework. there's an argo meeting later, yay! on saturday my parents, sister, and possibly julia/"dahling," my swedish neighbor/"sister" are coming up... along with bitch the MANNEQUIN!!!!!!!!!!! i'm so happy, i miss my mannequin, and now she can come stay with me! yay! now, getting her up and down all those stairs may be tricky, but that's ok. my sis wants to keep her at home until halloween, but i want her up here, because I'M going to deck her out for halloween too and possibly bring her to see "the rocky horror picture show" at the agp house (if there's room and i feel like carrying something twice my size across campus at night...). i hope julia comes too so we can tell everyone we're "sisters." she's so tall, thin, and white-blond... not to mention 8 years younger than me and swedish. her 6-year-old sister ellie (i call her "gummi bear" and carry her around like a baby) is up to my shoulders. heh i love the benjaminsons, even if their dog bruno DID try to rape me.

ok, i'm really in a hedwig mood... must... play... soundtrack...
*sings* my sex change operation got botched...
*notices horrified stares from all the non-fans* WHAT?!

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