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My story was up for crit today. I think it went all right, I just need to rework the horrible ending, pare down the characters, and some other things. On the way to dinner, I was walking with John and Rose and Rose was being envious of my writing talent. I just said I'm less horrible than other people. So this is my new philosophy. To be a good writer, you must be less horrible than most others. Ah, we are our own worst critics.

Speaking of Rose, I made the best slip the other day. My mom had called and talked to her for a few minutes since I wasn't there, and Rose was wondering if she had met my mom before. I said, "You wore my mom when you met the bedsheet."

This morning was weird. I somehow got a really minor nosebleed and kind of freaked out. I was in the shower, and after I saw the blood, I started wondering if there was something wrong with my nose, and then I started feeling dizzy. This happens when I contemplate body issues, medical stuff, and related stuff. So I had to sit down and close my eyes for a couple minutes, and the shower sounded like it was far away, and I felt disoriented and stuff. It wasn't a full-blown panic attack or anything, just a dizzy spell. Because of a teeny little nosebleed. Oh gosh. I need to stop thinking about it, I'm getting queasy. Or is it just the Brooks food? *shrugs*

I had a nightmare a couple nights ago. It started ok though. I was in my room, and this boy came in with this cute gray rat. He asked if he could breed it with one of my rats, and I asked him why. We started talking about rat breeding and looking up info. Then I noticed that the rats were crawling around the bag I keep the litter in. I pulled out the gray one and a tinier gray one. I thought, "whoah, they bred already?" It was either a really short gestation period or the rat had been pregnant already. The rat was still giving birth, and I was putting the babies on a table and numbering them. Then apparently the boy turned into Nick. It's weird, because Nick is allergic to rats, wouldn't want to own any, and doesn't particularly like them anyway. Here's when the nightmare part began. I looked over and saw him cutting the rat open with a knife. I freaked out and asked what he was doing. He said he was getting the rest of the babies out, but they were all born. I told him he didn't have to kill the mother, but it looked like it had been skinned, and all the guts were in a separate pile. I felt a combination of terror and horror, and I could barely breathe and asked him in a whisper how he could do such a thing. It was really awful. Then there was some part about going through a library/forest and looking for squirrels in the dark. Weird.

Tori's new album, The Beekeeper, comes out today. I should buy a copy sometime. And her new book, too. And Tori is on MSN chat right now. Way to be the first question, Cyndi!

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