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Guess who got an A on her clinical psych paper! Hell yeah, bitch! I mean, an A anywhere else might not be as grand, but once you've gone to Allegheny, an A becomes one of those hard-to-reach aspirations that few ever accomplish. When the teacher returns your paper and you flip to the back page expecting to receive your usual B or C and you see the rare A circled instead, you can almost hear an angelic chorus overhead as two winged naked babies descend to drape an olive wreath around your head. And then your classmates stare at you with WTF expressions on their faces and say, "Where did those babies come from?" And then some wisecracker will say, "Well, when two angels really love each other..."

*ahem* Ok. I'm finished gloating.

Yesterday I went to see The Laramie Project at the Playshop. It was very well done, I must say. Then later, I had to go watch an old movie version of Long Day's Journey Into Night. It was 3 hours long. Ugh. There were 6 of us there (Deltron, Daniel, 3 other girls, and me), and by the fourth act we were all sick of watching the movie and just talked through the rest of it. I think we deserve cookies for showing up and staying through it. Bulman was only there for a short while because he had to leave. Or we should at least get extra credit. Three hours of pain.

Just another manic Monday...

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