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Look, Rose! I have become a CSI fan from watching it with my housemates practically every day, sometimes 2-3 times a day. It's funny because I originally thought I wouldn't like the show, but it's awesome.

And today after the Argo meeting, I was talking to Dr. B and John A. They both grew up in Murrysville too. John used to live down the street from me (though our families never really interacted, he was probably in late high school when we moved in when I was 9, and his family moved a while ago), and one time his sister Leah babysat my sister and me 10 years ago, and we were being really wild and bratty. Dr. B lived like half a mile away, I knew the stretch of road she was talking about. And she used to babysit for my neighbor Clint who graduated with me. *sings* It's a small world after all...

Ever have the feeling where you're just itching to tell something but know you probably shouldn't except maybe to a couple people but it's in the wee hours and nobody is up and you should just go to bed? Yeah.

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