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It's so nice having an overhead light again. It's weird that something as simple as flipping a light switch could make me grin. Speaking of things that make me grin, today in clinical psych, we were discussing juvenile delinquency and stuff, and the professor said that most shoplifting is actually committed by the elderly. She once worked with an old woman who was kind of a klepto, but she always stole stuff like EXLAX and other small, mundane things. So of course I had to laugh because she said the magic E-word, but everyone else was laughing too. Ah, 5 years later and that word still inexplicably cracks me up.

Nick and I went to Los Compadres for dinner, and on the way back, I stopped at Bilo to grab some toilet paper, since we keep running out. I saw Adam and Alex/Leopold, and I ended up giving them a ride back to campus. I got what I thought was a coupon with my receipt, but it just turned out to be a thing telling me to buy their frozen dinners. Woohoo. Apparently it's because they keep track of what you buy using the wildcard. Hmmm. I wonder what my shopping habits say about me. Apple juice, frozen pizza, toilet paper, frozen dinner, toilet paper, frozen dinner, cheese, toilet paper, frozen dinner, toilet paper, Goldfish, frozen dinner, toilet paper, Spongebob mac'n'cheese, frozen dinner, gallon'o'pickles, toilet paper, frozen dinner, Vaseline and rubber gloves, toilet paper... I must seem like a slacker who spends a lot of time on the crapper (hey, it almost rhymes!). Or just a college student living in a house with 5 other people and an almost constant TP shortage. And as for the Vaseline and rubber gloves, I only bought those once, for the sole purpose of dying my hair the day before Halloween. It was 3 in the afternoon, and the cashier (who was dressed as a clown) told me to have a nice night. Ha, it only looked questionable!

And I loved Naruto 124. The ending had me grinning and shivering in antici.....(say it!).....pation! for the next episode. Gaara is back!

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