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come on, ade, stand up and take it like a woman!

*whimper* tomorrow i have to get a SHOT... stupid meningitis vaccine... can't they just tell me to swallow a pill? i'm terrified of needles, and just the thought of medical stuff often makes me have panic attacks. i know i'm being a wimp, but i bet there are football players more terrified than me. after all, mrs. wisbey said her son jon (a childhood playmate, now a big college football player - and apparently a nice and intelligent one too!) faints at the sight of needles. i don't faint, my head just starts to buzz, i get dizzy, and i break out into a cold sweat. i don't know how i survived the appendectomy...

anyway, so tomorrow i'll tough it out, drink lots of fluids, carry some ibuprofin, and bring my velma figure for moral support. i'm not the only pussy on this campus.

stupid motherfucking piece of shit vending machine ate my dollar and didn't give me my lemonade today! i'm pissed! all i wanted was a nice cool drink while watching "sullivan's travels" in film class (a great movie, by the way), is that too much to ask? damn you...

did laundry today! but i must go eat, for i have fencing in an hour, tuesday group at 9, and i have to put the sheets back on my bed. bye!

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