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you know what? i just went to do my laundry and there was this board on the wall with pamphlets and info about stuff like rape and abuse, and then there was this "body size acceptance" one - only it was about 6 feet off the ground, so i couldn't read it! oh i see how it is, put it at the eye level of big people but put it out of the reach of little 4 foot 8 ade! fine! well i don't need that stupid pamphlet anyway, i LOVE being this size, and i accept people regardless of their size! i have friends in almost every shape and size anyway, and they make me feel special! hah!
in other news, i have a busy schedule tonight for once! a little too busy maybe, but it's not my fault people like to schedule things on tuesday evenings! i have 4 things to do from 5-12ish! hoo-wee! not to mention homework, laundry, dinner, etc. *sigh* oh well. join the pile-up. tony ryan is a good photographer, if you like nudes. my lip is sore. maybe i should put some stuff on it. i'm hungry and i had lunch an hour and a half ago. of course, all i had was a piece of cheese pizza, a salad (wow...), and apple goose. oh well. last night, lora and i went to the library to see "body politics" for our womens' studies class today. it was interesting. in one part they had this woman photographer doing a series-type-thing with these incredibly "large" women, and i thought it was the coolest thing. i know many people look at obese women and think, "ewwwww!" but here the woman was, making it a beautiful thing. and the models were pretty too, they had nice faces and hair despite the violations of social views of beauty. well, i think big is beautiful (though i have a preference for the small!). all the power to the women, grrrrrrrowl!!! hear us roar! eh, ok, maybe i should go back to playing neoquest...

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