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My internet decided to stop working. Methinks it's the modem, since this semester it was acting a little goofy, randomly disconnecting for around a minute every so often. Sometimes it wouldn't even connect, but it would work if I restarted. Then a couple days ago, the connection was just really wobbly, and now it won't work at all. Hmmm. I'll see if I can fix it. If not, I guess I'll be using the lab more often.

We've been doing lots of cleaning in the house, and it's kind of scary how neat things are now. The weather is getting nicer, so today my housemates and I sat outside and made koolaid. And went to Compadres. Tonight I saw the Cinderella ballet, it was lovely. I kept staring at the male dancers' legs. You know you have issues when you see a man with nice legs in tights and you immediately think, "I bet he'd look great in drag!" And the prince was so light on his feet when he leapt around like that. I liked the fairy costumes too. There were these little girls sitting in front of us, and one of them, maybe around 6, was trying to explain to her friend where babies come from. Their discussion amused me.

Girl 1: How many kids do you want to have?
Girl 2: *holds up her hand shaped like a 0*
1: Zero? I want to have 2. You know, you have to get married to have a baby.
2: You do?
1: The father, he has this seed. And... stand up! *motions to her lower belly*
2: *sits there*
1: The father pushes the seed into the mother, and then it grows into a baby. *giggles and whispers while pointing to her crotch*
2: *covers her face* No! Don't tell me any more!

I like eavesdropping on kids. They have such great discussions. I just like eavesdropping on everyone. People often ask me why I sit on the sidelines at parties and social gatherings, not really interacting with people and looking kind of bored. So I tell them I'm more than happy to listen to other people converse. And then they start worrying that everything I hear will end up in my future stories, and I'll immortalize neighborhood gossip and stuff. Well... it's true. It's a good source of material. I've used actual conversations I've heard in stories before. In a story I wrote last year, I included a discussion I overheard at my Pop Pop's assisted living place. This group of little old ladies was sitting around a coffee table discussing how nice it was that now young people can show more affection for each other. One said that when she was young, you could only have 3 kisses before marriage. You could use them up all at once, or you could spread them out. But now you can have unlimited kisses! And then a nurse brought over a new woman who was 5-10 years older than the ladies, and the new woman said she felt really old with the younger ladies, but the younger ones welcomed her into their group and said, "You're only as old as you feel!" I love little old ladies. Someday I'm going to be an awesome little old lady. My housemates were impressed by my "you kids get off my lawn!" voice today. On the other hand, my sister has what I call "geriatriphobia." She's terrified of old people (except our grandparents). It's kind of funny, over 10 years ago we'd visit our great great aunt Gee in the nursing home, and my sister was so terrified she couldn't bear to look at the people there. She recently told me that one year she went with her girl scout troup to a nursing home to bring the people cards, and one lady in a wheelchair told her to come over, and my sister just started screaming and had to be taken away. I think it's hilarious. I mean, I adore old people. They're so cute and interesting to talk to. I told Katie I'm going to take her to a nursing home and we're going to sit down and talk to the people there, and she acted like I just told her I was going to drag her through catacombs or something. Weird.

Wow, that was a long train of thought. Uh, right. Back to comping.

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