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So, my comp is due Friday. I know I can get it in on time, despite being behind, because I've found that I do some of my best work at the last minute. I'm serious, I wrote 4 essays before spring break, all the day they were due (12 pages total), and I got a B+ overall (3 were B+, 1 was A-). Of course, Bulman said we did very well overall (and Deltron, who also got a B+, said that we all probably got that grade since he was reading our essays on the way back from adopting another daughter from China). But that's beside the point, I am a last-minute achiever. And I gave Bulman a congratulatory card because I'm so happy he adopted another daughter, and Nick said I was kissing butt even though the card was purely congratulatory with nothing even remotely brownnosing about it, even though I have a class with Bulman and he's one of my comp readers. Really! I do NOT kiss butt, I earn my mediocre/decent grades fair and square!

Anyway, back to the comp. I've planned out some rewards for myself after I turn it in. On Friday, after I turn it in, I'm buying myself the My Little Pony Rainbow Wishes Amusement Park. Yes, I'm almost 22, and I'm still buying myself toys for 6-year-olds. You have no idea how much I want this toy, it's been in my head for weeks. And then we're going to Compadres and getting a pitcher of margaritas, then going bowling. And then I'm going to get a good night's sleep. On Saturday, we're going to have Indian food. There are no Indian restaurants nearby, and apparently there currently aren't any in Erie, so we'll probably end up going to Pittsburgh. If everyone in the house is coming along, we'll either have to take 2 cars or make people squish together (or even have someone ride in the trunk, though I doubt that's safe if we're driving out of town). Mmm, Indian food. So I have some wonderful incentives for finishing and turning in my comp. Well, that and graduating.

I saw a transgendered speaker this evening. He was pretty good (born female, gradually shifted over to the male side, but no body-changing). It got me thinking a lot about gender. And of course, I've been thinking a lot about gender recently (since I wrote a 17-page chapter on "Middlesex," an epic novel about a transgendered hermaphrodite and his family - my mom is reading that book and seems to like it too). I consider myself pretty much androgynous, but I identify as female because, well, I'm not really ambiguous and don't have any particular convictions otherwise. It keeps things simple.

And I just yelled at Nick, Derek, and Rose to stop bugging me about my comp (ok, so it was really just Nick and Derek bugging me about it) and get out of my room and stop checking my page count every 3 seconds. So I will go comp now, and if anyone asks me how many pages I have one more time, I will implant my foot in their testicles.

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