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Ah, I feel so relaxed. I think I should do some reading, now that I have time. My housemates and I went to Compadres last night, and we did get a pitcher of margaritas. I only had one this time, thankyouverymuch. When we came back, the Eco house was having a party and they had a fire going in the outdoor fireplace, so I was there for a while. And I played with my new toy. The My Little Pony amusement park is awesome. We put all the ponies on it (I have 5 now, plus a keychain and disembodied-head-on-a-post-lollipop-dispenser-that-looks-like-you're-eating-her-brains thing, and John's pony joined in too). Yes, I know I'm almost 22 (a month and 2 days, to be exact). But my inner child keeps me healthy.

Tonight, we're driving down to Pittsburgh for Indian food. Yay! And now I must go get dressed and eat something.

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