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today was pretty awesome, except for the vending machine incident and making an idiot out of myself on straightdope. this morning in art, i got this neat idea for my "sculpture" - i'm going to make a bunch of dolls out of plastic bottles and make a scene thingy (kinda like a box with some of the sides cut off) with all sorts of neat furniture and props. it will be an interactive sculpture, and people can play with the dolls and unleash their inner children (or tyrants). i HAVE to make a hedwig doll. there WILL be a glam transsexual rock star doll! i might make one of myself or my alter-ego, annie the goddess of bad weather (like my 9th grade self combined with delirium from the sandman comics, only a goddess who lives in a trailer and controls bad weather). this is going to be so cool...

anyway, i mentioned laundry, the vending machine, and the movie in my last post. at fencing, after a few drills, i fenced with a new girl, who's LEFT-HANDED. well, i really don't have practice fencing left-handers, and she kept killing me because she had the advantage. at one point i put on a left-handed glove, grabbed a left-handed foil, and then attacked - i did a bit better but still sucked since i've never fenced with that hand before. i named the sword "bob." it was a really challenging practice.

i went to tuesday group and wrote a nifty story, though it just went to hell when i lost the plot (if there was one) and was getting too influenced by the awesome indian music they were playing. we sat around and talked for a while, then at 11 i left and went to the campus center to grab some apple juice and random stuff for my art project (they have all this cool free junk in one of the art hallways). i found all sorts of stuff, like wood i can use for the scene, screen material, foamy stuff, wire, etc. stuff to keep me busy on saturday while i wait for my family to come up. they're coming up kinda late since little libby across the street is having her 3rd birthday party, and since that house is THE neighborhood kid hangout spot, naturally my sister CAN'T miss the party. but that's ok. i don't really care when they come, as long as they bring my mannequin and more hangers. we need to go shopping too. i need food, and i want to get a bunch of materials for the dolls (glitter!). i'm debating what to use for hair. maybe i could find something with an interesting texture or shred something and paint it. i'm especially concerned about hedwig's hair. i think it would be cool to make detachable wigs for that doll, but i think that's going a bit far, particularly since i want to make at least 5 dolls, the scene, AND props... i'm not sure how long we have for this project, and i'm involved in a lot of activities this year, not to mention classes, homework, AND my severe internet addiction. ah well.

i have a mysterious sore throat that just popped up in the last half hour. oh well, perhaps it will go away overnight. if not, i'll be miserable tomorrow, especially when i have to get my shot... *whines and curls into the fetal position*

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