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I had a plethora of strange dreams last night. One was apparently a sci-fi movie where this seemingly dead alien was going to be frozen in a circular domed chamber. But when the scientist left, it awakened and crawled out of the chamber, putting the scientist's sheepdog in there instead. The chamber filled with a whitish smoky substance as it froze, and the dog eventually dropped dead and these alien hand-like things suddenly smacked the inside of the dome and swelled up. I was then driving around this parking lot of special cars that had been retired or something. I was backing down a steep hill really fast, trying to make sure I wouldn't hit anything. I drove up the other side of the lot and saw my mom's gold Town and Country there. I got out of my car and was walking around looking at stuff for a while. Then I went back to my mom's car and found a broken X-box on the way that was apparently mine (even though I don't have one). When I got to my mom's minivan, all the doors were open and the top was off as though it was a convertible. There was a box of what was apparently my stuff in the back, and I heard kids laughing in the distance about what they did to the van. I was pretty pissed off, but I closed all the doors and got the top back on somehow. I was crouched in the front passenger seat when this boy (around 10, with longish blond hair) looked in the window and I jumped out and surprised him. Apparently he was responsible for the damage, and his mom was parked next to the minivan (in a huge RV-type thing). I told her about the damage, and then my aunt Barb called and was asking me about the incident. We were talking about abandonment issues, and when I got off the phone, I was going to ask the kid what exactly he did to my mom's minivan, what he stole, etc. I was walking around the parking lot looking for him, and then I remembered that there was still an alien on the loose. The I looked down one row and saw it. It was big and looked like a very sci-fi alien, bug-like yet anthropomorphic, with some tentacles. It saw me too, and I knew I was doomed. It walked up to me and I told it I had to go meet the kid so he could eat me, but the alien said that it would eat me instead. I then remembered that I was in a movie and just read the scripted lines before I was eaten. Then the dream ended and I was suddenly conscious, aware of my beating heart. I rolled over, fell back asleep, and had more dreams.

I was driving down a road and saw all these huge My Little Ponies by the road. They were either houses or giant toys, but apparently people liked them. They also made cool wagons. Apparently I was driving Ben and Jess to this animal place in another town. In the window of the place, there were cages of exotic small animals. They had a cage with three females and a litter of flying rats. They were like flying squirrels, only rats, and they were brownish in color only with different shades of fur like the side of a tabby cat. They were so cool, and I wanted one of the females and actually thought about getting another cage so I could buy one. But we left, and then I was dreaming about rats. For some reason, I've had recurring dreams about multiple rats lately, sometimes with babies, but always multiple rats. I guess I got another cage, but this one was somehow a combination of glass and wood (a wooden rat cage is never a good idea). There was also a hole in one corner. I had a female in that cage, and for some reason, Dante and Dr. Faustus kept getting into the cage and I kept pulling them out because I didn't want them to breed. But then there were all sorts of rats of different colors and sizes in the cage, and one looked like a tiny version of Dr. Faustus (gray hooded). I keep dreaming of rats and rat babies. I think it's because I hear them moving around at night, and a couple days ago I went to the pet store to buy rat food and saw a bunch of baby rats there. Anyway, then I was at what was apparently Ben's house (I think he lived alone), and we were sitting on the floor and he was talking about not wearing socks.

In the last dream, I was in this church, and I think I was the minister's assistant or something. Ben and a bunch of young people were inside doing some activity, and then the minister (a really nice big fat guy with brown hair and a beard) ran in the side door and yelled something like, "Jesus rocks!" Then people were all dancing around outside, and for some reason the minister was dancing naked, which was kind of funny. I went into another room, and a bunch of people were there, including some of the Golem people. We were talking about how we got our comps done. Back in the main church, Nick and Derek were there with a bunch of other people, and they were kind of lying on these steps, wearing either pajamas or sweatpants. Nick said, "Do you know what Derek is wearing under his pants? Nothing!" Derek immediately held his pants up so nobody would pull them down. It was pretty funny. That's all I remember.

I'm going to attempt to clean my room today. Wow. And then I'll have room for the My Little Pony amusement park, since Derek hates it. Last night at Tuesday group, we were transgenre-ing fairy tales, and I made a sci-fi version of Rapunzel. It's quite amusing, and I want to edit it and submit it to Golem. Rapunzeltron, Rapunzeltron, let down your wires to me! And Nick and I got into a dorkfight over whether an iamb is unstressed-stressed or stressed-unstressed. It's the former. I win. I have the bigger English penis, thankyouverymuch.

Speaking of dorky arguments, I was at Goodwill yesterday, and the lady asked me if Mary Shelley's Frankenstein was a children's or adult book. I didn't know because haven't read it yet, but I assumed it was adult. I got it for the children's price though, because she was nice. So I started thinking about what separates a children's book from an adult book, and there's really no dividing line. And what separates literary from genre fiction? Good points to bring up in my comp oral, especially if the professors ask me why half the books on my "suggested reading" list are young adult fantasy.

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