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I went to Walfart today for some storage containers (room for toys and stuff!), and it started raining a little on the way there.

Cashier: Try not to get too wet!
Ade: I won't!
Annie the Goddess of Bad Weather: Xtreme April Showers! Monsoon in Meadville!
Ade: Thanks. You know how much I love wet pants/shoes/socks and driving in thunderstorms.
Annie: All that and a free car wash too!

On the way back from Clinical Psych this morning, Drea and I were discussing stuff like My Little Pony and Chuck E Cheese, because we have strong inner children. I think we should get our houses to take a field trip to the Chuck E Cheese in Erie. And use house budget money. Because the Eco house and Writers' house will, uh... do environmental writing at Chuck E Cheese. Yeah, that's it. Drea is awesome, she's one of the nicest people I know on campus, and that's saying a lot. And her comp almost killed her too. She was working in the ceramics studio, but her big piece broke and cut her wrist really badly. She's ok, though I feel bad that she lost her piece and can't work on her comp any more. At least she had a bunch of other pieces for it, and I think she should get an A because her comp almost killed her. Well, that and she's an awesome artist and I really like her work.

I forgot about the Argo meeting yesterday because I'm absentminded and didn't remember until it was 22 minutes too late. I think I didn't send out the minutes from last week either. Shame on me, I've been a crappy Scribe this year. Oh well, I trust that Twitchy will do a good job next year.

And Nick brought me a whole bunch of his computer games that he can't play on Linux. As if I didn't have anough game vices...

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