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I just had my comp oral. I wore a man's shirt, tie, and girly skirt. I talked a little about my thesis and the idea of the contemporary coming-of-age novel, journeys, and transformations, and then the board members (Kirk Nesset, Kerry Bakken, and Jim Bulman) asked questions. I think I did pretty well. Then they told me to leave the room so they could make their decision. I walked into the hallway, and about 2 seconds later Nesset told me to come back in because I passed. Yay! I don't get a grade until when I get all my semester grades, but I passed my comp. I'm thrilled. After I change (I suck at trying to dress like a grownup, no matter the gender), I'm going to go buy some Mike's hard cranberry lemonade and then play computer games all afternoon, because I am awesome and I deserve it.

I'm going to graduate. This is so awesome. I think it's even better considering the number of friends (and other people in general) who don't graduate in 4 years, either because of failing classes, not being able to do their comps on time, leaves of absence, and other reasons. Sometimes I think the English comp is easier than a lot of other comps because it's just writing about books, but it's still a big accomplishment and every English major I know has struggled with the comp before. And it took my professors about 2 seconds to agree that I passed. I think I did a really good job on my comp, considering I wrote a lot of it at the last minute (though I had much of it written in my head beforehand). I'm really proud of myself. And I'm going to graduate after 4 years of college. Apparently it takes the average person 5 years to finish college, which isn't surprising considering the number of "super seniors" I know (and people who will take 5 years or so to finish). I think the lowest final grade I ever got here was a C, which is amazing considering that Allegheny is a relatively difficult, prestigious school and a B here is considered a really good grade. I may be a lazy, procrastinating slacker, but I passed my comp, and now I'm going to graduate. Provided I pass my other 3 classes, that is (which I WILL do, unless I decide to skip finals and papers and stuff). I'm doing pretty well this semester, actually. I might pull off an A in clinical psych if all continues to go well, and I have Bakken and Bulman for my other 2 classes, which seem to also be going well.

Phew. Thank you for letting me indulge in some bragging. And for the rest of you Alleghenians, no matter what stage of college you're in, I wish you luck. Or congratulations if you already graduated. Now I'm going to relax.

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