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today was yet another interesting day in the life of ade. well, classes were entertaining as usual (prof. bulman using the word "fuck" again, hehe...). i didn't feel well after psych (i wanted to take some medication but i heard we weren't supposed to have any before the vaccine, so i toughed it out), and i ended up taking a 2-hour nap. at 5 i woke up and went over to the gym to get my shot. i brought my velma bendy figure for moral support. anita was there, and after i got my shot (wasn't that bad, they just had me fill out papers, poked me quickly, and had me sit down for 5 minutes) she sat with me until the 5 minutes were up. i didn't have a panic attack or anything. then we decided to go round up some folks for dinner (to eat with, that is, hehe), so we went to caflisch and knocked on doors. we ended up playing mario kart in the quad (i've played it once or twice - i'm not big on racing games, but they're fun when you're trying to kick someone else's ass), and i won twice. yay me, and i suck at racing games! so we went and had dinner (ick, turkey...), and anita and i persuaded evil thom to get me some ice cream. yay for evil thom, and yay for ice cream! then i went over to the writers house for golem, and after the meeting we sat and talked for 2 hours. emily, stephanie, and alison left at one point to got get ice cream and left ben, nick, and me alone. so we decided to rearrange things to see if they noticed. we turned a couch around, hung 2 posters upside-down, put a shoe in the fridge, etc. when the girls got back, i had a hard time keeping a straight face. well, that was a lot of fun. i got back to my room around 9, and my mom had left a message so i called her back. and that was my day. i didn't get to give my angry inch presentation (he's postponing the song presentations until next week, after the exam). oh well.

what's on the agenda for tomorrow? art, film, hall dinner, and fencing. i need to get cracking on my art project. i know what i'm doing, and i have a lot of the materials i need (yay for free stuff!), i just need to start putting things together. i'll start by washing the bottles and testing to see if paper mache on wire is flexible (i made a wire base for an arm yesterday as a test - i'll see if i can get my dad to buy me a small set of tools i can keep in here since i'd rather work on most of the project in my room). i bought some glue and i have newspaper, so maybe i'll start forming the bodies. i want to do a hedwig doll, one of me or annie, a neanderthal, some animal (i keep thinking "kangaroo"), and at least one other. i don't know what to do for the background, but i have the wood, and i know an idea will come to me.

i got my inch, i'm set to attack.

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