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Good news:
- I graduated today
- I have a nice apartment now
- Graduation money is awesome

Bad news:
- I haven't packed a good portion of my stuff, mainly because...
- My stomach had been feeling weird all day, and I slept for most of the afternoon. I just took my temperature, and it's 100.2 but I feel chilly. Not good. This really sucks because...
- I have to be out of the house and into the apartment tomorrow. Moving + illness = not good.

Oh well. I'm sure I'll be ok eventually. I need to get a cell phone tomorrow, which will end my reign of Ha-I-hate-cell-phones-and-will-put-off-getting-one-as-long-as-I-can. This is so I don't have to deal with getting a phone line in the apartment.

So on one hand I feel relieved and happy, but on the other hand, being sick is really a bitch, especially at unfortunate times. Luckily, I tend to get over illnesses relatively quickly.

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