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Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday dear Aaaaaaaaade, happy birthday to meeeeee! *pulls out her magic wand and poofs confetti everywhere*

Today, I woke up from some crazy dreams. In one, some girl was pissed off that her friend cashed in a $500 gift certificate to some clothing store and took the boy she liked to some Mediterranean island (I don't remember what it was called, but in the dream it sounded like either a Greek or Italian city and probably not an island). She and the boy were frolicking on the rocks along the water and hopped out to this rock where they had the Rosetta stone (which was actually a chip bag). Another boy was there and looked down at the Rosetta stone. Suddenly, a light blue laser shot out in his face, then circled the rock. Apparently I was in the water at the time, swimming around to avoid the laser and diving under (not much to see under the water though). The light kept coming back to the boy, and he was yelling and the laser was vibrating up and down. I knew his head would explode, and it did. But instead of blood and brains, all this green stuff flew out. It looked like seaweed or delicious palak paneer and kind of looked yummy (mmm, veggie brains). The girl and other boy got covered in it as the dead boy fell back into the water, and then they ran away screaming. I was pretty amused. I think that might make an interesting story.
The other dream involved being at some big fancy hotel, by the bar or something, and a movie character that was played by either Bill Murray or Robin Williams was going to meet with me so we could run away together, which seemed silly since I had no interest in this man, especially since he was a grownup of all people. I was walking/flying around trying to avoid him when suddenly I saw him, Ben, and Nick sitting in this room. Apparently I was supposed to choose one of them. Movie character guy and Nick looked almost desperate, and Ben looked kind of indifferent (though his hair had grown even longer and more fro-tastic). So I told them I didn't want any of them because I didn't want to decide, and I was going to leave. So they all ran forward and hugged me, crying, and I was thinking, great, just what I don't need. It was strange.

Things I did today:
- had chips and cheese dip for breakfast (hey, it's my birthday, and I almost never do it... except last night before I went to bed, because it felt good to be defiant and not feel guilty that I was putting junk in my body)
- got Ben's job since he's away for the summer (working a few hours a week with a local author who seemed very nice on the phone, and it's all XP and no treasure, but at this point XP is good so I can level up and therefore potentially get more treasure in the long run, because I'm a geek who uses RPG metaphors and run-on sentence fragments)
- moved more of my stuff from the writers' house to the apartment (it took an entire car trip just to get everything from the kitchen)
- got some nice flowers from my mom (african violets, ivy, and some other plants)
- went to Julian's for dinner with Rose and John (mmmmmmm)
- bought myself a dresser

And now I'm in the computer lab, since my card still works and they don't delete my network account until August. That should give me time to find a new home for my site, which needs a big update. AND THEN I WILL TAKE OVER THE INTERNET AND ALL THE WORLD!!!!!!!! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!!!!! And once I have taken over the world, I will make everyone wear fairy wings. Or something.

P.S. Dad - don't worry, I'd never post my contact info (aside from my AIM name, perhaps) in a public entry. That would be incredibly stupid of me. I'm not even going to be like your OTHER daughter and post my cell phone number on my AIM profile where ANYONE can see it. Sheesh, I'm a private person, I only give my contact info to people who won't abuse it. I only posted my address in a private filtered entry that only people on livejournal that I know personally can see, since I'd trust them with that information and they might like to know it. They can see it, but nobody else can.

Heh. I just talked about being a private person, and some guy I didn't even recognize in the lab just called me by name (to ask me to make sure nobody walked out with his computer while he left the room for a few minutes). Why is it that everyone knows who I am? Seriously, people I've never seen before will sometimes come up and talk to me like we're friends and they know all sorts of things about me. Of course, they all seem to be friends of friends/family, but sometimes people will come up to me and say "Ade! How are you! How's college?" or something along those lines. It's kind of odd, and I'm not quite sure what to say other than politely giving one-word answers. I guess I'm famous already. Or maybe people just automatically recognize me because I'm incredibly short and think, "Oh! That's Ade, the short girl." Hmmm. I bet this will get REALLY weird in 20 years when I'll be grocery shopping and some 13-year-old will pounce on me from behind the bananas and say, "OMIGOD YOU'RE ADE I'VE READ LIKE ALL YOUR BOOKS AND YOU'RE MY HERO AND CAN YOU SIGN MY AVOCADO?" Hmmm, I should hold supermarket avocado signings instead of bookstore book signings. That would be awesome.

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