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Looking through recipe books makes me want to cook more. And I will, whenever Nick returns with all the silverware and other cooking utensils (for the past few days, I've been eating finger foods and soup). I want to make Indian food sometime, but that would require buying more spices, and the nearest supplier of Indian spices I know of is in Pittsburgh. Meadville tends to lack ethnic food. Just your typical Americanized Chinese, Italian, and Mexican places (although I do love Compadres and a couple of the better Italian places). We have a ton of boxed and canned food too. I have the kitchen area mostly assembled, and I got shelves so the microwave and toaster oven have a home. My arms and hands are sore from all the moving, arranging, and assembling, but they feel beefier. I felt really macho going to Home Depot and buying a hammer and a couple other things yesterday. I have the dresser almost completely assembled too.

Tomorrow, I'm going to War Practice. I didn't go last year, but I've gone a couple years, and it's a good time. And they sell plague rats there (the origin of the infamous stuffed thing Ben and I have spent hours tossing back and forth).

I should go eat something. The not-eating-until-dinner has become a bad habit.

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