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I'm a pirate. I'm "borrowing" a neighbor's internet, since today Rose discovered that she could get a wireless connection in the apartment on her laptop. I fully intend to subscribe to cable service soon, so I won't be illegally taking advantage of someone else's connection forever, it's just a temporary thing. Really!

The last week has been adventurous. I did lots of stuff, like going to War Practice (fun, plus it was good to see CJ and Bill again), my first day working with Francesca De Grandis (a very nice and brilliant author with a lovely black cat, but she's pretty severely disabled right now and needs help with things), more moving/shopping, going to see Bobby McFerrin with the symphony (an amazing performance - the man can conduct AND has a great vocal range AND improvised a hilarious condensed version of "The Wizard of Oz"), eating at Primanti Bros. for the first time (and I've lived in the Pittsburgh area for 13 years), eating yummy sushi, visiting with Jen and Anne (Jen, sorry we just kind of showed up and kept you awake - good to see you again though), buying a new rat cage (it's over twice the size of the old one and has metal bars so it's much bigger, nicer, and easier to clean), etc. Yep, been busy. I'm also applying for work. Look at me, I'm pretending to be a functioning adult now!

I haven't checked my friends page in months. So... if you have anything important to say/ask, use the comment field or email me or something. Hey, I have a cell phone now, I can make a phone post! Uh, if I ever get bored enough.

Heh, look at the mood icon. That was me 4 years ago. I now have my choice of black or blue when I play dress-up and decide to romp around in a graduate uniform. And Rose tells me next weekend is alumni weekend so I can go get free food or something. Yay?

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