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Ah, life is adventurous. On Sunday, John and Rose and I stole Russ's grill and moved it to behind my apartment. Actually, we didn't steal it since he said we could take it, but it was an adventure getting the lock off. I had to buy some wire cutters, but we managed to liberate the grill. And then we cooked with it yesterday and had burgers (black bean burgers for the vegetarians) and other yummy food in the parking lot in front of the apartment.

Fun times. And I was wearing my "fairy power" shirt yesterday, and when I went to work for Francesca (Francesca De Grandis, author of a bunch of Wicca books and stuff), she saw the shirt and told me that the Wackyjac people (who made the shirt) are initiates of hers. Weird, and kind of cool. I love Wackyjac, I've bought a bunch of nifty things from them.

You know what's awesome? Right in front of the writers' house porch are tiny wild strawberries. The size of my pinky nail, and very yummy.

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