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We went to the farmer's market today! And I'm going to make blueberry pie from scratch later on. Mmmm. We saw David Yoder (an incredibly nice Amish farmer) there and bought some veggies from him. I hadn't seen him in over a year. I love Amish people, they're so nice and very genuine.

Confluence in less than a week! Yaaaaaaay! And I think I'll try to make it to the Tammy reading on Wednesday. I may also have to kidnap a certain someone at that point, but we'll see.

My beliefs, My Morals, My Life

What you believe in
1. Love at first sight?: that seems to be more "lust," unless you're talking platonic love involving kittens or something
2. Aliens?: yes, I am a nerd
3. Bigfoot?: sort of
4. The Loch Ness Monster?: sure
5. Yourself?: *pokes self* I guess I exist...
6. Heaven?: sort of
7. Hell?: sort of, though not in the typical sense
8. Reincarnation?: yes
9. Time Travel?: yes, we just need to figure out how to do it
10. Evolution?: yes
11. Crop Circles?: I'm sure there's an interesting explanation for it, and I'd like to know whenever they figure it out
12. Big-Bang theory?: maybe
13. We came from apes?: yup
14. Science can solve anything?: not really
15. Others?: I think they exist too
16. God: in a way, but it's kind of like this general force, not quite a being, but people seem to understand it better by anthropomorphizing it

It happens to some of us
1. Have you been mugged or robbed?: nope
2. Gotten into a fight?: minor ones
3. Beat up?: not really
4. Broke a bone?: yeah, I broke my collar bone when I was 1 1/2 when I was jumping on the bed and fell off
5. Been sent to the emergency room?: yeah, my appendix died a few years ago
6. Given Blood?: no, I tend to get queasy at the mere mention of hypodermic needles (it's just something about injecting or sucking out blood that makes me ill)
7. Needed a blood transfusion?: no
8. Bitten by an animal?: yeah, a couple very territorial small dogs, they just left small marks
9. Shot with a gun?: nope
10. Passed out?: I kind of did when I was really young and either got dehydrated or overheated or both
11. Broke a tooth?: chipped a bit
12. Fell from a tall height?: not really
13. Had food poisoning?: probably
14. Thrown into prison?: no
15. Been in a car accident?: yeah... I caused it...

1. Is smoking okay?: NO, it's a horrible thing to do to yourself
2. Drugs good by you?: Mmmm, crack is good for the whole family!
3. Is drinking okay for everyone?: well, a glass of red wine a day is supposed to be good for your heart... drinking in moderation is fine, and in Europe children drink wine and it doesn't do anything. Drinking responsibly is ok for everyone, but having strict drinking laws just makes things worse
4. Ban Gay marriage?: NEVER!!!!!
5. Is cussing okay, if so, to what extent?: here and there isn't so bad, but it should be reserved for special occasions, like whacking your thumb with a hammer or getting the Queen of Spades when playing Hearts
6. Marry for anything other than love?: What irritates me is that few people really take marriage seriously, and they do it to soon, for the wrong reasons, too young, etc. You have to be completely certain that you want to spend the rest of your life with the person, and that comes after years of a loving relationship.
7. Engage in pre-marital sex?: frankly, if you love and trust the person, have taken safety precautions, and are ready for it, it's no big deal.
8. How important is honesty to you: pretty important
9. Is it okay to tell a little white lie every now and then?: only if it's something minor with few or no consequences, like saving someone's feelings (the cake you made was... good)
10. Fighting and Violence?: it doesn't solve anything, though controlled fighting can be fun (like fencing), and some violence can be fun to watch
11. Remarriage after your true love?: I don't really believe in one "true love," since there are a number of people that could be compatible. What I'd question is why the first marriage ended (divorce is stupid and should only be used in extreme cases, but it's perfectly fine to remarry after the death of a spouse)
12. Suicide?: suicide is for wusses that can't deal with reality
13. Killing others?: no, unless it's in extreme defense of either yourself or others
14. The death penalty?: no, you never have the right to end someone's life (except in the above case)
15. Immortality?: I read a lot of mythology, of course I believe in it

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