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Draco's mom has got it going on

I read the 6th Harry Potter book within 48 hours, just as I did the 4th, only this time there were no 3-hour art class breaks in between. (5 years ago, I was in the CMU pre-college art program when the book came out and my mom told me I'd have 2 days to read the book before she and my sister took it to Vermont with them - I read it in 2 days even though they ended up leaving later) I liked this book, despite the 90% depressing last few chapters.

I went to Confluence, and it was great, as usual. Despite a few people I miss who didn't go, but that's ok because there were still plenty of cool people. Although I was hoping Wen Spencer would be there, since I got her latest book (I read the first chapter online, and I was immediately hooked) and hoped she would sign it. But I'm sure I'll see her again maybe next year. It was fun staying up and talking to people until the wee hours (ah, I shall not soon forget Sonya's persistence in trying to make Xavid and Sam engage in various boy-on-boy activities). Oh yes, and I met Sam (l33tminion) for the first time. *waves* It was fun playing Mafia in our room too. The not-fun part of the con involved trying to squeeze 4 people into one bed, which made me feel like a mackerel lodged in a dolphin's throat (I actually wrote about this and may post the results sometime). So I went and slept on the recliner that didn't stay reclined. Oh well. The con was awesome, once again.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is all I have to say for now.

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