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I wish it would be August now. But I can wait a couple days. So. Here's stuff that's been going on or will go on soon.

- Today was my last day working with Francesca. It's been fun AND educational.
- I'm really losing faith in Meadville, particularly the temp agency I'm currently working for, as they seem to offer only crappy jobs. Now I'm poking holes in metal tubes. More standing for 8 hours a day. I hate standing all day. I don't mind crappy jobs, I just get really irritated when my feet and knees ache 24 hours a day because of all the standing. I'm going to quit after this week and find a semi-decent non-standing job. No more stupid "light industrial" stuff.
- On the other hand, I'm going to Vermont August 6-14, so that should be fun.
- So far, I have 2 pages of a novel written down in a notebook. Believe me, that's progress. I'm also working out how to not make the appearances and personalities of certain deities not too obviously based on certain people (or combinations of people) I know. Except perhaps Loki, a minor character. Oddly enough, I plan to base another minor character in another novel (who doesn't actually appear since he's been dead 11 years when the story takes place) off the same person. The husband of a pirate captain and a trickster god. Hmmm.

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