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I'm back from Vermont, and I'm at my parents' house. I'm heading back to Meadville tomorrow. Then I get to look for a new non-light-industrial job. And pretty soon, a bunch of my friends will be returning to Allegheny. Yay! I'll be glad to see them again, though I'll miss everyone who graduated with me and then left to take over the world or whatever they plan on doing now. Probably similar stuff to what I'm doing: getting an apartment and just working. Or going to grad school. Or just living with their parents until they come up with a better plan. *shrugs*

I've been contemplating grad school. Not for another year or so, but it's on my mind. I've been thinking about the Seton Hill program in writing popular fiction. For one thing, I know a few of the faculty members, and I've heard lots of good things about it. And it also encourages writing genre fiction, unlike the creative writing program at Allegheny, which seems kind of creatively constipated, if you catch my drift. And they didn't respond very positively to my creative Exlax attempts. Oh screw it, this metaphor is getting gross. Anyway, back to grad school. It's possible, if the application doesn't make my eyes glaze over and I feel motivated to go to school again. I looked at the application and thought, THREE letters of recommendation? But then I realized that I know plenty of people that would gladly do something like that for me. I wonder if I'd get in with mediocre grades though. I don't know how I made it into Allegheny with mediocre high school grades. I think a big part of it was my art portfolio though, because at that point I wanted to major in art, and then kind of went for creative writing instead (I wanted to do both, but that would have been overwhelming, so I just took a bunch of art classes). But in this case, I think a stunning writing sample would overpower grades. Can I even write something that's stunning? I probably can, I'm just being a self-critical writer (like every other writer who isn't full of him/herself). Hey, I made it into Alpha twice and Manhattanville College's Writers' Week. And I really impressed Linda Oatman High, the leader of the workshop I was in at Manhattanville. I'm too modest about my abilities sometimes. But on the other hand, I know there are things I really need to work on, like sticking to a single plotline instead of branching off in 50 different directions. I'm such an ADD writer.

Anyway, Vermont. It was fun. I did puzzles and knit stuff (I'm trying to design My Little Pony clothes) and went to the Shelburne Museum and stuff. My uncles were up part of the week, so it was fun. They're goofy and fun and do things my parents find shocking around my sister and me (like liberal amounts of flatulence, dirty jokes, and saying things like "Boy, Mom was stacked when she was a teenager" when looking through a photo album from 1935). On the drive back today, we stopped in the most amazing gas station I have ever seen. It's a huge new Sheetz in Altoona, with the new logo and everything, and everything in the bathroom is automatic, even the soap dispenser (I'd never seen one of those before). The place was just amazing and loaded with everything. It even had a nice eating area. Wow.

And I'm discovering that I like Kelly Clarkson. Don't shoot me, please.

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