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So, today is the first day of classes... for everyone but me. Bwahahahahaaaaaa! Um, on the other hand, I'm supposed to work for the next 43-or-so years of my life. I'm on campus pretty much every other day for some reason or another (right now, it's mooching internet since I don't feel like paying for it at the apartment), yet I don't go to school here any more. It's an odd feeling. But they're opening the new alumni center next month, which hopefully has some interesting aspects to it besides people pestering us for donations. I think I might be exempt from the pestering right now since I just graduated and have yet to make my fortune, and I think they're aware that young English majors aren't eccentrically rich yet. I think they should have a free daily lunch buffet for alumni, but then again, that's just an idea. And knowing Allegheny, it would just be burgers, veggie burgers, salad, and chips anyway. Anyway, I still plan on showing up to Tuesday group and Argo this year... perhaps I should make sure I'm on those mailing lists.

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