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Look, my knitting blog is up! Hooray!

I had a few amusing dreams last night. In one, I was at this big dorm-like place and some big guy who looked like a child molester or something picked me up and carried me around, calling me Christopher. I kept yelling, "Dude, I'm not a guy, and my name isn't Christopher!" Apparently he mistook me for an 11-year-old boy. Then he realized I wasn't "Christopher" and dropped me and went a way. I may be pretty androgynous, but come on, I'm not ambiguously androgynous. In another dream, I was riding a bus to my old high school, but everything was different there. Apparently a lot of people were out of the closet (at Franklin, a largely republican school where I only knew of 3 people who were out of the closet?). Everyone had these index cards on their lockers with acronyms describing their sexuality. A lot of the acronyms were weird, and I was asking some guy (who was straight) what they all meant. So for my index card, I just wrote "Guess" on it and then started drawing pictures on it. Then Jen and Anne came in, and Jen told me she saw me smoking outside. I said no way, I'd never smoke, but she insisted that I was. Then I remembered I do have a doppleganger in high school, so it must have been her. Yes, there really is a girl who apparently looks just like me, her name is Brie and I think she's a junior in high school now. I haven't seen her since she was 9 (she and my sister used to be in girl scouts together), but people mistake her for me all the time. When I was a senior in high school, some girls in my grade thought she was my little sister and said "Hi Ade's sister!" to her. When they told me, I laughed and said my real sister looks nothing like me. But people come up to my sister all the time and say, "Hey, I saw your sister in school today," when they're really talking about Brie. Weird. I need to meet Brie again. I bet she remembers me only because people call her Ade sometimes.

Anyway, my car is still being worked on. I took it to the local Toyota dealership yesterday, and they told me to drop it off. So I did, and then I tried to call Nick to pick me up, but of course he rarely turns his phone on. But luckily Ben came to get me, since he's awesome. I'll get my car back tomorrow, even though the lady seemed kind of ambiguous as to whether they actually fixed the problem. We'll see.

Oh yes, and this season's Knitty is the man issue. Ah, nothing sexier than a man who knits. Except maybe a man who knits while wearing a leopard loincloth. But I have yet to see that.

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