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I just went to the AGP open house. It's where the writers' house was 3 years ago, so it makes me happy. Tamara went to Pennsic this year (I will go next year!) and showed me her awesome new sword.

So, this was my exciting weekend:
- Friday evening, I was with Nick and Derek at the Eco house, then our friend Emilie's apartment. I had never seen Derek show any interest in females before until that night, since the alcohol in his system prompted him to flirt with almost every girl he came in contact with, which was quite amusing.
- On Saturday, I read the first book in the Series of Unfortunate Events. 'Twas delightful. Then Ben's car decided not to start, even after we tried to jump it. In the last month, Nick, Derek, Ben, and I have all had bad car-ma, so I think something funny is going on. It was Jess's birthday, so I drove them to Chovy's and back. They have orgasmic mango cheesecake. Then I went to Compadres with Rose, John, Nick, Derek, and Katie since Rose's birthday was Sunday. Ah, nothing like going to 2 restaurants in one evening. Afterwards, some of us played HeroQuest, which is really a simplified version of DnD. I liked it because I understood the rules better, and there was no complex character creation, so it didn't involve listening to Cuddy go on and on about dice and feats and pretending to understand and remember all of it. Then at midnight, we went to the Penny Bar to celebrate Rose's 21st. I had a Long Island iced tea and an Alabama Slammer (they're so fruity and delicious, they don't taste alcoholic). I also discovered that Evil Thom was right about pickled eggs with hot sauce being better than sex, even though it may sound weird at first. The room was kind of wobbly, and I felt more talkative than usual. But I kept my promise to Rose that I'd get drunk with her on her birthday, even though it was only the third time in my life.
- I saw the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants movie on Sunday. It was overwhelmingly emotional, even for a teen chick flick. Although I do like America Ferrera, she's a wonderful and gorgeous actress who has curves and is darn proud of them. Then I saw that some douchebag(s) had broken the marble benches outside the campus center. These were class gifts from the early 1900s and pretty damn expensive, and someone just went and knocked the seats off. They fixed one, but the other one was broken through. Who would do such a destructive, disrespectful, completely unnecessary thing? Grrrrr.

And today I read the second Series of Unfortunate Events book. I like how the books teach you so many new vocabulary words. I mean, every kid needs to know words like "polygamist," "aberrant," and "phantasmagorical." I also loved how Uncle Monty told the kids to never, under any circumstances, let the Virginian Wolfsnake near a typewriter. Tee hee.

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