Ade (agentfroot) wrote,

haha, you should go to this place and it will give you fun random journal bits if you have a paid account. put your username in the address bar in place of mine, and have fun!

Well. He's also need to present: an obsession her; back, i keep me fill out blood, I have a fancy hotel or two pi ills to hell the second day i have work the church my first forms of needles; and my rocky horror bendy figure for i that's a while, Midol addict, tune of an attempt to me, feel really was always been in and gathered a great movie, money they didn't think it just a crazy mood: yea Ooh i don't want me to keep them a trip to hide the topic would be cool to go away ay, ay Cuz i ve got get ice cream: and go eat and Pop today! I must go on a hour. Well, after dinner, at least at fencing left handed. He's my dad's side And left a Midol No, I can play i Really gung ho convert everyone to school, though we should do with water, don might make met Danny, and I need to have caffeine in my dad's side and she kept offered me a Midol that i have two pi ills to me good too, even well: after the project and unleash their condo, and do a really nice Midol no I went decided to start by the Street is pretty good conversation, good food, and my alter ego, annie a good family to make a few years, my severe internet history so I have to go away ay, Cuz I wrote a panic attack: or annie a fundie, and uncles, they'd do, with hot tubbing.

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