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I'm at my parents' house this weekend/early week. Homecoming weekend was kind of a let-down. But at least I got to see people again. Ah, nothing like bouncing group hugs in an overcrowded Penny Bar full of drunken alumni. None of my friends went to the reunion (SHAME!), but they missed out on the delicious free food and FREE DRINK COUPON! Yep, my parents spent half their fortune sending me to college, and I got free alcohol out of it. So I sat with some girls I knew freshman year before I discovered my niche. Anyway, people need to visit more often. It feels like a big chunk of Allegheny is missing now you people are gone. I feel kind of out-of-place now. Very odd.

I got pumpkins today! After my dentist appointment, my mom and I went to this local farmers market we go to every year for pumpkins. I got what will become Cyclor III and a smaller one. My mom had bought a bunch of tiny ones another day and told me to take some, so I helped myself. Ah, I love pumpkins so much.

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