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I went to the Beth Gylys reading tonight with Ben after reading two of her poems in his book and snickering. She's awesome. She even wore Clifford stickers that little Sophia Bakken put on her cheeks. I bought one of her books and talked to her for a few minutes.

Beth: Are you a poetry student too?
Ade: Bla bla graduated with a creative writing major bla bla bla. I write genre fiction even though my professors told me not to.
Beth: Well, that's where all the money is now.
Nesset: Especially in fantasy!
Ade: *smirks* Young adult fantasy especially! Which is what I write! *fantasizes about the day she'll waltz into some English department event dripping money with a cloud of fangirls following her and making Nesset and Bakken fume with jealousy*

So Beth signed my book and wrote "hope you make billions writing and publishing genre fiction!" in it. Gosh, I love her already, and I've only known of her existence for about 4 hours.

Another highlisht was walking away with half a block of cheese and a cup of artichoke dip (hey, there was a lot of food left, I was doing them a favor!).

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