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i woke up with "the freshman" by the verve pipe in my head. i dreamed that i was somehow in trouble because these two girls i know (not mentioning names) had done something bad on top of one of the buildings (i don't know what it was, maybe they took something) and i was involved. i think they asked me about something, and somebody caught us up there on the roof. it was bizarre. then i somehow got hold of these *interesting* dvds from a sorority, and i'll skip over all the r-rated dream parts (if you're a pervert and want to hear them, ask me privately...). some younger people were in trouble, and there was a part about driving around a corner on some road or walking there... i forget. then it seemed like i was walking up this road near my house, only it had turned to a stream. "the freshman" was playing in the background, and it depressed me. i was holding back tears while walking up next to the stream, and i found all these newspapers with many comics sections (this is what i get for cleaning my room late at night). i was trying to read them, but the song was overpowering me and i was trying not to cry. then i woke up near the end of the song.
i hadn't heard that song in a while until i decided to play this old mix tape last night. when i was 14, at camp my cabin decided to make a mix tape, and we all contributed. someone put "the freshman" on it, so the song probably got embedded into my subconscious from playing the tape. i don't know why it was THAT particular song... i really can't relate to it, as it's about losing virginity as a teenager. It's my last year being a teenager (thank Goddess!), and i haven't lost my virginity yet. And I'm not a freshman either and probably never will be again. so why that song? i dunno...

i was wearing my big happy gray hoodie in the rain yesterday, so of course it got all wet. but i wore it this morning and it was still damp... curses, i wanna be warm! *rummages around for another warm hoodie and finds a black sweatshirt* i'm still in my pjs, and it's 11:25 am. silly ade! maybe i should put on some real clothes and go have lunch and then come back and shower and get dressed again and do some psych reading since i only read the 1st chapter and we have an exam on the 1st 4 chapters on monday... eep! my parents come at 5... so i suppose i'll have to go shopping tomorrow. i need foooooood and stuff for my art project!

i think i'll move my "a mermaid" by waterhouse poster to another wall, since my closet door likes to hide it. it can go on the other side of my computer. i also need to fix my hedwig poster since one of the corners is all kerflaffeled. speaking of posters, i had dinner with nick yesterday and he said the people in the writers house didn't notice that their posters were upside-down until thursday morning. hahahahahaaaaa we're so evil. i don't think they'll let ben, nick, and me stay in the house alone any more. twisted posters, rearranged furniture, shoes in the fridge...

well, must be off. byeeeeee!

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