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This is Halloween! This is Halloween! Halloween! Halloween! Halloween! Halloween!

This year, I am the comp. I got many comments on it Saturday. Saturday was delightful with Rocky Horror watching/participating, The Penny Bar, and Perkins. And today is the Argo party. Yesterday, Cyclor 3 was carved, so now he's back to unleash evil upon the world and cuddle with kittens.

Also, Nick now has an interesting blister on his thumb. It looks like there's a Life Saver implanted there. He apparently decided that playing with the cigarette lighter in my car was a good idea. Good thing I hadn't pulled out of the parking space yet when this happened, since screaming in the driver's ear tends to cause accidents. I was trying to drive him back to the apartment, which would have taken about 2 minutes... but half of downtown Meadville was blocked off for the Halloween parade that left a shroud of garbage all over the sidewalks. Jeesh.

...and that's it.

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