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I'm most of the way through Eragon, and it's surprisingly good (especially for something written by someone so young, which isn't saying that young writers aren't good writers but that amazingness usually comes with time, experience, and practice). There are a few things that bug me though.

a) Half the descriptions are beautiful and vivid, and the other half irritate me with their copious passive voice.

b) Every other chapter seems to end with either Eragon getting injured and blacking out or falling asleep pondering some crazy event.

c) Eragon is naive, reckless, and kind of dumb. "Gee, I wonder what this mysterious liquid is. Maybe I'll pour some on my finger andOHGODITBURNS!!!!!!" How is it that he can be a bumbling idiot one minute and spewing crazy magic the next? He also learns a bit too fast to be believable.

Otherwise, I like the book.

1) Who is the last person you high-fived?
Um... I don't recall.

2)If you were drafted into a war, would you serve?
Even if I wanted to, I'm too short. Although I'd be an excellent sniper, they'd probably just make me a paper-pusher, which wouldn't be all that bad.

3)Do you sleep with the tv on?

4)Have you ever wheezed the juice?
What? I'm not sure what this implies, but I've laughed so hard orange juice spewed out my nose...

5)Have you ever won a spelling bee?
Yep, several.

6)Have you ever been stung by a bee?
Yep, several.

7)How fast can you type?
about 40 wpm

8)Are you afraid of the dark?

9)What color are your socks ?
kind of spring-colored little girl stripes (hey, cheap kid socks!)

10)Have you ever made out at a drive-in?
I've never even been to a drive-in, and even if I had, I'd be more interested in the movie than making out

11)When is the last time you chose a bath over a shower?
a few years ago

12)Do you knock on wood?

13)Do you floss daily?
no, but I should

14)Do you wanna Fanta?

15)Can you hula hoop?
a little

16)Are you good at keeping secrets?
I guess

17)What do you want for Christmas?
the My Little Pony Butterfly Island playset...

18)Do you know the Muffin Man?
mmm. muffins...

19)Do you talk in your sleep?
occasionally, and I apparently have a frighteningly evil laugh in my sleep too

20)Who wrote the book of love?
your mom

21)Have you ever flown a kite?

22)Do you wish on your fallen lashes?

23)Do you whiten your teeth?

24)Can you smell what the Rock is cooking?
ah, memories of high school and crazy Zia...

25)Have you ever asked for a pony?
*pokes #17*

26)Have you, or would you ever, donate sperm/eggs?
I fear to think of what any of my children would be like in the first place, much less raised by others... *huddles around eggs protectively*

27)Can you juggle?
no, and I actually had to stay after in gym class in junior high until I could juggle to Mrs. Shaneyfelt's satisfaction

28)Do you wanna know a secret?
as long as it's not TMI, sure

29)If you could enact any new law, what would it be?
Marriage shall consist of a man and man or woman and woman. HAH! ...Or maybe I'll just declare myself Empress of the World.

31)If you had only enough energy left in you for one last smile, who would you give it to?
what kind of lame question is this?

32)Are you ready to rumble?
suck my cock

33)Can you count to Schfifty-Five?

34)Have you ever been suspended or expelled from school?

35)How do you spell relief?

36)Have you ever crawled through a window?

37)Have you ever eaten dog food?

38)Can you handle the truth?
I can handle your mom (ohhhhh, snap!)

39)Do you like green eggs and ham?
I like pickled eggs, but they're pinkish-purple, and I've never liked any kind of pig meat

40)Who is your daddy, and what does he do?
his name is Rob, and he works in the innovation transfer center at CMU

1. What did your parents name you?

2. Were you named after anyone or anything?
yeah, some distant cousin on my mom's side

3. Do you know what other names were in the running before they settled on your name?
Erin. Blech, I hate that name.

4. When you were kid, did you "change" your name or wish you had a particular different name?
I started going by Ade sometime in 5th grade (because it was quicker to write at the top of papers)

5. What are five names for girls and five names for boys that you really like?
Amy, Durga, Ayla, Persephone, and Ade
Mephistopheles, Ganesha, Orion, Aragorn, and Erik
yes, I have a peculiar taste in names

6. What are five names for girls and five names for boys that you really hate?
Erin, Belinda, Tiffany, Peggy, and Kim
Jared, Zack, Henry, Louis, and John (just because it's insanely common and boring)

7. Of all the streets you've lived on, which name is your favorite?
Latimer, it's the least boring

8. If you had to invent your new name using only the names of things found in the kitchen cupboards, what would you call yourself?
Basil Cheeseball

9. What have you named your pets and/or children? Share any or all.
(note: I only named half of these creatures, and they're all dead except Belle, Moccasin, Dude, Nicky, Dante, and Dr. Faustus)
cats: Emma, Belle, Moccasin, and Dude
fish: Shannon, Tim, Whitey, Big Tim, and Murry Goldfin
budgies: Toby, Tori, Mario, and Nicky
hermit crabs: Catwoman, Big Boy, Beauty and the Beast, Michelle, and Jordan
gerbils: Vicky, Stephanie, Aliesha, Carrie, Jimmy, and Tina
rats: Dante and Dr. Faustus
as far as I know, that's it

10. If you were starting a brand new band today, what would you call them and what kind of music would they play?
we'd be the Exlaxorcists and play 80's-style pop rock

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