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In Ade-is-acting-unusually-not-lazy news, I just miiiiight have a job soon. I took an assessment test at Sheetz, since they're hiring and aren't dirty and sketchy with bad food like other gas stations. The questions were so easy you'd have to be brutally retarded to fail the test. Basically, the test consisted of 3rd grade math, reading comprehension, and ethical questions on the strongly agree/disagree scale such as "It's acceptable to get really drunk one night and then go to work hungover in the morning" and "Most people steal things from the workplace at one point or another." The test was so ridiculously dumbed-down it was hilarious. I guess they don't care what your IQ is, as long as you don't drink and steal on the job.

And now, some fun. Here are bits of conversation in which my sister's friend Jake (who she is now dating, apparently) thinks I'm awesome, and Katie suddenly dates outside her political boundaries.

lilbabykate008: oh ya he was like guess who i like and i said who and he was like....ur sister!
lilbabykate008: and i was like WHAT!!!
blupyglet: haha
lilbabykate008: and he said well not that way
lilbabykate008: but he likes u cuz ur awesome
lilbabykate008: "Kate is probably the coolest/hottest person i know"
-Jake B. (wow that guy sounds pretty cool)
lilbabykate008: thats in his profile
lilbabykate008: lol
blupyglet: he should add "but her sister is even cooler/hotter"
lilbabykate008: hah
lilbabykate008: u wish
lilbabykate008: oh ya and p.s. im dating a liberal!!!!
lilbabykate008: ahhh
blupyglet: HAHA

Best quote I've read today:
"I think my vagina wants a pony for christmas."
- random person in the bad_sex community

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