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Reasons to see the latest Harry Potter movie:

- midget crowd-surfing
- naked Harry in the bath (sexy!)
- Moaning Myrtle is a pervert
- dragons and merfolk and pegasus and squid-creatures!
- Hagrid putting the moves on a taller woman
- dance, Neville, dance!
- Ron's fabulous dress robes
- dancing with cats
- transfiguration is the best punishment ever
- I want to pet Fred's and George's hair
- Draco totally gets in Crabbe's pants
- run, Filch, run!
- did I mention midget crowd-surfing?

...and those are just a few of my favorite things about the movie. I liked it a lot despite how they cut out a lot and changed a few things and Madame Maxime was a lot uglier than I had pictured her and Hagrid can do better. Also, Barty Crouch (Sr.) looks like Hitler.

In other news, I'm going to North Carolina tomorrow. Weeeee!
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